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  • 1- What are your references?
    ProPinceau holds a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), number 5756-0187-01. The company is also a member of the Mont-Saint-Bruno Chamber of Commerce, membre of the ACQ and the APCHQ.
  • 2- What are the reasons for using ProPinceau?
    Using a professional painter guarantees a superior result than work done yourself. The client benefits from a quick, low-requirement project carried out according to the rules of the art. The intervention of an RBQ licensed painter is also mandatory.
  • 3- How to choose the type of paint?
    Oil paint and latex paint represent two viable solutions for an interior or exterior painting project. The second, however, has attractive advantages and notably has the ability not to crack or crumble over time.
  • 4- How to choose the type of finish?
    A matte finish tends to erase micro-defects and offers a beautiful, unified appearance, ideal for a ceiling or a large wall for example. A velvet or semi-gloss type finish adds body and consistency to the paint, which gives it character. A glossy or shiny finish on a small area attracts the eye and brings out the details. Contact us for advice on the best type of finishing according to the surface to be treated.
  • 5- Can we cover an oil painting with latex paint?
    Yes! The surface must first be sanded and treated with a coat of oil primer.
  • 6- Is the primer coat mandatory?
    It is strongly recommended to prepare certain surfaces and guarantee greater longevity to the paint layer.


Many customers have expressed their satisfaction and are ready to recommend us.

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