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New house painting: the professional who makes a home pleasant and warm is ProPinceau

Painting a new house is much more than just a question of esthetics. For the result to be perfect, the intervention of a professional is essential. For more than 10 years, we are committed to providing quality services to each of our clients, by offering personalized services. From the bedroom to the kitchen, including hallways and bathrooms, our painters for new homes, on the South Shore of Montreal, will make your new home a unique place.

Make your interior impeccable with the brushstrokes of an expert  

Does the idea of painting your own rooms scare you and cause you stress? You haven't mastered the right techniques to obtain a smooth and colorful wall according to the rules of the art? To save time and successfully color, our new house painters are at your rescue. To transform the interior of your home in a warm cocoon, the know-how of our experts will make all the difference.

A well-prepared wall is the key to impeccable coloring. For our service of interior painting, our professionals ensure the careful preparation of the wall before painting it. Plaster repair, priming or painting? ProPinceau carries out all the necessary work for an impeccable finish. Do you want a matte, glossy or even semi-gloss finish? Send your wishes to our new house painters and they will realize all your aspirations.   

ProPinceau, a unique touch for a personalized space

Each room in the house is important to guarantee your comfort and well-being. To ensure that the visual appearance is of quality, there is only one option, ProPinceau! Our experts work on all types of surfaces such as gypsum, wood, wrought iron, concrete and brick. They apply painting techniques adapted to your materials to beautify your new home.

Furthermore, we use different paints for each room. The same goes for colors. Indeed, customers generally favor pastel colors for bedrooms and brighter colors for living rooms. In addition, we use different materials and techniques for bathrooms, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. The goal is for the paint to be able to resist humidity and steam.

And to further satisfy our customers, we offer careful and clean work at the end of the project. You then get a turnkey service and meets your expectations.

Colors that tell your story thanks to the know-how of a color expert

The color of your new home should match your lifestyle to truly feel at home. However, the choice is difficult when you are faced with a multitude of palettes, each as sublime as the next. In order to find which color suits you best, we suggest a stylist service.

Expert in the field creative arts, our stylist will be able to advise you on the ideal coloring. To do this, she takes into consideration your taste, your history, your lifestyle in order to create unique pieces. But our services go beyond support on color choice. For more originality, we also create murals and graffiti and offer interior design advice.

Opt for the satisfaction of a quality service with ProPinceau

Undertaking painting work cannot be improvised. Since they require specific know-how and a lot of attention to detail, the services of a professional are inevitable. A leading contractor for more than 10 years, ProPinceau has managed to satisfy several hundred customers. Thanks to the expertise of our painters and artists, we offer a tailor-made quality service.

To guarantee impeccable work, we are certified and capable of carrying out work according to regulations and customer expectations. As a Quebec company, we favor products and paints of local origin to support the country's market.

Are you looking for a qualified, professional new house painter with attention to detail? ProPinceau operates everywhere on the South Shore of Montreal. Contact us now at 514-883-9390 or via email at



A consultation with our stylist will help you realize your projects.

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