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Painter in Candiac: three good reasons to choose ProPinceau

It is often said that the color of the walls reflects the personality of the occupants of a room. If this is poorly done, it spoils the esthetics of your interior decor, but also the comfort and atmosphere in your home. This is why you should always call a painting contractor to obtain results that meet your expectations. Give new life to each of your rooms by choosing our building painter in Candiac.

Well-painted walls thanks to mastered techniques and high-end products

Pretty walls are achieved with good preparation. Being a serious and committed entrepreneur, ProPinceau pays particular attention to this stage of the work. From plaster repair to priming or painting, be sure to obtain a very smooth and clean surface. Speaking of cleanliness, rest assured, you will get a clean site, without any traces of dirt after our visit.

Our priority is to offer our customers services that they will have difficulty finding elsewhere. To distinguish ourselves from others, we only use high-end paints and materials. As a result, you receive a fast and impeccable result, well beyond what you expected.   

Stand out from the crowd by choosing modernity and originality

With the different wall color inspirations that can be found on the internet, the choice is not always easy. Don't worry, our stylist is here to advise you on the colors of wall that suits you. She can offer you the best color that meets your criteria and stays on trend.

To bring more life to your home, our team of building painters offers Artistic walls and graffiti. Both modern and original, this touch allows you to personalize your room. And if you are lacking ideas for interior design, our decoration contractor also does home staging

Qualified professionals capable of realizing all your painting desires in Candiac

Painting contractor for 10 years, ProPinceau puts its skills and know-how at the service of an increasingly demanding clientele. Certified and qualified, our team of painters and building painters carry out work according to standards. In addition, we work with respect for the environment and support local production by favoring products of Quebec origin.

Do you want to refresh the paint on the walls or ceiling of your bedroom? Do you find that the color of your living room no longer suits your new decor? Call on our building painter service in Candiac. Our team takes care of transforming your home so that it suits you. 

Paint Color Palette


A consultation with our stylist will help you realize your projects.

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